Who I Help

Screenshot 2014-09-06 16.51.13If you are a woman who is tired of the same ol’ approach to fat loss and is sick of feeling stuck in a rut, then you are in the right spot.  Regardless of whether you are a Mum, a corporate highflyer, an entrepreneur or an astronaut, if you need help, and want to flourish then I can help you.  By using smart approaches I will ‘unstick your stuck’ so that you may live life freely.

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Since I started in the industry many moons ago I have always used a business mentor, technical mentor or a coach of some description.  I truely believe that I am only in the position I am today becuase of the guidence and help I have had along the way.  But I know finding a mentor can be tricky – it has to be someone who knows how to facilitate your learning, and has a good understanding of all elements of the industry. 

I have had the pleasure of teaching and mentoring hundreds of personal trainers and it is something that I am super passionate about.  I love our industry and the opportunities that I have had from working in it, as such I want to pay it forward, and share my wisdom and knowledge with others.

If you are a PT or a coach who is looking for the right kind of mentor or simply wants to learn more then please shoot me a message and I can discuss my mentoring options with you.


Screenshot 2014-09-06 16.30.47Businesses and corporations who have a vested interest in the health and well being of their employees have a strong ally – me.  It has been well demonstrated in numerous papers that employee satisfaction, wellbeing and productivity rely heavily on their work environment, stress levels and lifestyle factors.

Providing employees with up to date, relevant information on how to manage their health, stress and external lifestyle factors will contribute favourably to their overall satisfaction and presenteesim in the work place.  For more information on how I can help you click here.


Nardia Norman is the creator of the Freedomology, the award winning Australian Personal Trainer of the year 2014, International Presenter & Author. It's time to bring common sense and wisdom back into the health and fitness industry! Feel free to speak your mind - post your comments and join the discussion.