Professional Bio

With two decades of extensive experience in the health and fitness industries Nardia is known for affecting powerful change at both a global and individual level.   She has been described as a ‘Tweet’, small in stature but delivers an impactful punch.


The Health and Fitness industry is experiencing unprecedented global growth and awareness and Nardia’s involvement is heavily influencing the direction of focus of this growth.  A largely male dominated industry; Nardia is disrupting many long held beliefs and practices and is passionate about bringing more women into influential positions.  Through her speaking engagements, education, workshops and coaching she helps people to ‘become their own guru’ so that they may optimize their potential and amplify their results.


As a highly regarded speaker, author, and mentor she is often consulted for her expertise and has worked with leading training institutions, commercial brands, and magazines. In 2014 Nardia was awarded Australian Personal Trainer of the Year.





Bachelor Physical Education (Otago University, NZ),


Certificate Health Coaching (Institute of Integrative Nutririton, USA)


Diploma Massage Therapy (Cantebury College of Natural Medicine, Christchurch, NZ)




C.H.E.K Exercise Coach


Numerous other industry related qualifications



Nardia Norman is the creator of the Freedomology, the award winning Australian Personal Trainer of the year 2014, International Presenter & Author. It's time to bring common sense and wisdom back into the health and fitness industry! Feel free to speak your mind - post your comments and join the discussion.