Week 2: The Botanist

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Week 2 saw us dine at The Botanist in Kirribilli, just over the Sydney Harbour Bridge to the north. It has a great menu for potential visitors and selections that carry over to those eating at similar places worldwide.

Week 3: Vietnamese: Madame Nhu

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Madame Nhu It may have taken longer last year, but it was always going to happen this year. The questions was when. When will the first flop be..?? For week 3 of our 52 Eats we took a (possibly former) friends recommendation and searched out the reasonably new Madame Nhu Vietnamese eatery. What do I […]

Week 1: The Village

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The Village is a bar and restaurant located in Sydney’s Potts Point, and is self described as ‘casual luxury’ dining. It has three bars, a courtyard and more Sydney hipcats than you could shake a knife and fork at, whilst still having a ‘boutique feel’.

2013- The Inception (but without Leonardo DiCaprio)

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Here is a brief overview of what 52 Eats is all about. Mike Campbell or MC is he is affectionately known as in blogging world leads the commentary, as he introduces me to his already established following. He has a dry sense of humour.

2012 resolution: no more lectures…

So, here it is, twenty twelve in all its glory, and if last nights epic storm that blazed across Sydney is anything to go by, it is going to be a crazy year (and of course, according to doomsdayers, Nostradamus and the Mayans, it will be our last. Im actually hoping that we don’t disappear […]

Im back

“Hiatus: a break or interruption in the continuity of work, a missing part, gap”. Yep, that is the official word to describe what happened between my last post and this one..a hiatus… Kalos Sthenos started with a bang and I had every intention of making it a weekly mission, however something got in the way, […]

Rehashing a goodie from 2011

Check out this blog that I posted last year in the Australian Fitness Network magazine. I know that Im cheating a wee bit by reposting it, but hey, the message is important and it needs to get out there! Do ‘women’s mags’ need to be more socially responsible re: body image? by Oliver Kitchingman | […]

Kalos Sthenos

‘Kalos sthenos’ which literally means beautiful strength is a term synonymous with Kettlebell training and old school gymnastics. In the Kettlebell world it is a type of movement (which, to me, looks like a Turkish Get Up – or as it is truly defined, “from the ground up”) – it is a dynamic, challenging exercise […]


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