The Two Most Important Words PT Say – It Depends

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  Have you ever asked a burning fitness question to a personal trainer, expecting a long winded answer, only to get – “it depends”.   Questions such as ‘what are the best foods for fat loss’, or ‘what exercises should I be doing to strip fat?’.  Seems like straight forward questions to be asking. I […]

Life Lessons From TV Show Naked And Afraid

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Imagine yourself completely naked, every part of your body exposed to the elements.   You don’t even have access to a leaf to cover up any important man or lady bits – just you, your skin and the elements.   How does that make you feel? A little uncomfortable?  Or really squirmy and uncomfortable?   […]

The Wankerfication Of The Fitness Industry Pt 2: Solutions

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In the words of the esteemed Ron Burgandy Part 1 “escalated quickly”…  Fortunately no one was stabbed in the heart as a result – well, maybe there was some metaphorical stabbing going on (I did get a couple of messages from friends asking me if I thought they were a wanker – the answer was […]

Disordered Eating and The Rise Of The Competitive Fitness Model

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Sports Models. Fitness Models. Bikini Models. They’re everywhere. In the health and fitness world it seems that the fad du jour is training for a “Sports model/’enter-whatever-specific-division-name-is-appropriate” competition. I’ve lost count of how many girls I have met in recent times who are ‘dieting down’ and training hard to enter their first female fitness model […]

The Wankerfication Of The Fitness Industry Part 1

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Everday I have to  remind myself of why I do what I do.   That is – why do I stay in the fitness/health industry when there are aspects of it that I absolutely despise?  I was faced with this question the other day as once again I was ranting on about the state of […]

Stop Being Your Own Worst Critic

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I caught myself doing something stupid the other day.  Something that I have not done in a very long time, the reason being that I have worked hard on overcoming the very thing that I caught myself doing.   (And no I wasn’t cracking a bottle of wine at 10am!)   What I was doing […]

Fitness Is Not….

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Fitness is NOT about having big boobs, flat abs, a massive booty and flaunting oneself like a pornstar on Instagram.   Fitness is NOT about being super elite and ‘hardcore’.   Fitness is NOT just about sculpting the perfect body.   Fitness is NOT necessarily the same as health.   That was the overwhelming opinion […]

Give Yourself A Break

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A couple of weeks back I posted this message on Facebook: “I was having a chat to a girl in a store today and after finding out what I did she went into a full conversation (with herself might I add) about how she ‘really should lose weight’ but is ‘too lazy’ to do so, […]


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